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Pre-Collection Processing

Every computer we supply, whether an ex-corporate unit or a high end, custom-built system is processed with exactly the same attention to detail. This process covers both hardware and software to ensure that, when you collect your machine, you can take it home and start to enjoy it with minimal delay.

We achieve this by following these key steps:

· Hardware: All hardware, both new and used, is subjected to stability testing prior to any software being loaded. In the case of new desktops, compatibility will have been checked at your initial enquiry stage.

· Windows Software:unlike many suppliers, we won’t leave you to fumble through the activation process for windows. We load and activate your Windows software - we then run all windows updates and service pack installations for you.

· Drivers: This is the software that ‘tells’ your hardware how to work. We ensure that your hardware is working to its full potential by loading the very latest drivers.

· Additional Software: This covers items such as Internet Security, Office Etc. We load the software you require and, where necessary, we look for patches and ‘bug fixes’. In the event of compatibility issues, as with window, we activate and update loaded software, registering these where necessary.

· Testing: Once the steps above are completed, and if time allows, we run overnight benchmark test routines on your equipment as a final check.

These processes do take a little time - but a short delay in taking home your computer means that you can start using it immediately. Far better than having to spend time calling distant call centres and being charged up to £1.00 a minute for the privilege – don’t you agree!

All of the above services are included in the cost of your machine - there are no hidden extras. We aim to provide quality products and peace of mind, and to ensure every machine that leaves the shop is ready to be enjoyed. We know from experience that this initial attention to detail minimises the risk of faulty or returned goods.

Post-Collection Support

Every effort is made in our pre collection processing to prevent problems. If they do occur, we are here to support and advise you. With our own workshops and technicians on site, we can respond quickly and effectively - equally, we are also happy to answer any operational questions you may have regarding your new system, or to arrange one to one instruction, should you wish*.

Remote Support.

If you have broadband internet access at home, we can also help you with our remote support packages.

You will see on your desktop our yellow remote support / help desk icon; this enables us, with your express permission, to access your computer remotely. This means that we can check settings, view system reports and error logs, which allow us to diagnose, and in most cases resolve, your problem - without your needing to bring the computer in. This is an entirely secure process – you initiate the connection which then has to be accepted by us. It cannot be done without the full agreement of us both. It is a fantastic tool, and the best thing about it is that:
It is free for 12 months from date of purchase.

*Instructional visits are chargeable at the current hourly rate, available on request.

































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