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Tech Support or Help and Advice for the rest of us...
We took the view that we all need help from time to time and that if we could offer straightforward, jargon-free advice with no strings attached, this would be of long term benefit to our customers and to the business. With this in mind, we have introduced two initiatives – firstly, a tech support line that offers free help to all, supported by an email service where we can try and answer some of the more in depth questions you might have. Secondly, we will be posting some FAQ's (frequently asked questions) and some hints and tips on this web page on a regular basis. Currently, the most common questions are virus-related and for this reason we will post "bug alerts" weekly - so do keep coming back to stay up to date. .

Quick Fixes for Five Nasty Vista Problems
Windows Vista
Already, the cracks are appearing! Windows Vista is now a couple of months old and most of the early adopters have formulated opinions: Some love it, some hate it, some just sort of think it's okay. Most of us at Extreme Tech fall between the first and third camps—it's nifty, but nothing revolutionary. One thing's for sure, though: message boards and blogs all over the Web are alight with reports of incompatibilities, bugs and nags. For the full story click here

Wireless Internet what's it all about

The wireless option has never been easier to implement, with some of the big names making routers that are straight forward to configure, this option can save you a fortune in online fees and allow you to roam your house and enjoy the net wherever it suits you. With the added security a router will offer, allowing you to block adult content through keywords and site block, this is often a better option than some software packages.
Buy and print postage stamps online

The Royal Mail service may offer a quick way to send things, but who really enjoys queuing up for stamps?
It may be simple enough if you just want to send an ordinary letter, but if you’re posting things sold on
Ebay, or sending gifts or heavier letters, waiting in line to have something weighed can take ages. Thanks to online postage, you don’t have to do that any more; it’s possible to do everything with your PC.

We’ll show you how you to enter the details of your package or letter online, then pay for the correct postage and print out a customised address label that works just like a stamp. All you have to do is put your letter in the post box.

Here's how to buy and print your postage stamps online

Check what emails your computer is sending out

Q Every time I try to send an email, a message appears from McAfee virusscan that warns of potential worm activity, It goes on to say, “The last few sent emails contained similar subject or body content. Email subject: Test”. There are options to stop this email, find out more information and continue what I was doing’.

A McAfee is checking the emails sent from your computer to make sure that it is not being used to send spam emails – this is often what having a zombie PC means.

Click on the ‘Continue what I was doing’ option only if you are sure that this is a legitimate email.

If you need to check what the email actually was, click on the Outbox icon in the Folders section of Outlook Express to see all of the emails ready to be sent.


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